What inspired you to make this website?

Simply because I enjoy taking photographs, particularly of motorsport and I wanted to share my efforts with whoever may be interested. The internet is the fastest and most cost effective way to do this.

Did you design and build the website yourself?

Yes. Although I'm far from an expert I prefer to have full control rather than pay a person / company to do it for me. I know the design is basic but my main objective was to keep it simple - so I do hope you find it easy to use.

There are a lot of photos on here, did you take all of them?

Yes, ALL photographs you see are entirely my own work. I do not publish photos from other sources. As this is my website I shall only publish photos that I have taken.

The pictures seem take a while to load up?

If you are on a dial-up connection then I'm afraid so. The website is really designed for broadband use. Alternatively a smaller selection of images are normally posted to my Facebook Page.

What forms of motorsport do you cover?

Easy question to answer this one... EVERYTHING!

Here is a quick rundown of some of the formats I have attended: A1GP, Ascar, BEMSEE, Britcar, British Formula 3, British GT, British Rally, British Superbikes, BTCC, CART, Clio Cup, DTM, Formula BMW, Formula Ford, Formula One, Formula Palmer Audi, Formula Renault, Ginettas, Goodwood Festival of Speed, LMES, Minis, MRO, Porsche Cup, SEAT Leon Cupra Cup, Sidecars, Trucks, World Superbikes and WRC... to name just a few.

As you can see I have covered many club, national and international events. I enjoy all levels of motorsport whether it be on 2, 3 or 4 wheels - or more!

I'm looking for a specific photo, do you have it?

Due to webspace, bandwidth and time constraints the galleries only display a small selection of photos taken. I take far more photos than can ever be displayed on the website, so possibly yes. Please contact me outlining your requirements.

Can you cover a motorsport event / test / trackday for me?

Sure, call 0775 123 1893 or email me me with details.

Can I put your photos on my website / forum?

I would prefer you didn't as I have a very limited amount of bandwidth and hotlinking will drain my monthly allowance. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

What equipment do you use?

I use Canon Digital SLR cameras with a combination of Canon and Sigma lenses.

What camera settings do you use for motorsport?

I am often asked this and to be honest it's not really a question I can answer as it completely depends on conditions and the shot I'm trying to achieve. In general a good starting point is "Shutter Priority" mode set to 1/500sec and "Auto" ISO. For side on panning shots reduce the shutter speed down to 1/125sec or slower for more motion blur.

Have you had any photos published?

Yes. As mentioned on the homepage my photos are frequently used in both online and printed media. My photography has featured in almost all mainstream UK based motorsport publications as well as other popular magazines. Some of my work has even been published further afield including the Netherlands, Australia and South Africa.

What settings are this website optimised for?

I originally designed the website for use with an Internet Explorer browser at 1024 x 768 resolution. Obviously things have changed quite a bit over the years, especially with the evolution of "mobile". So ensuring compatibility with all types of display is not easy. If you notice anything untoward please contact me with details. Thank you.

Are there any other addresses for your website?

Yes there are. The following addresses will also display AE-Photography.co.uk:


Alternatively try searching "Az Edwards" or "AE Photography UK" should do the job!

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